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Western Ink

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from the Calgary Examiner may 16, 2012

Luke Doucet interviews Swinghammer

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Swinghammer interview with Luke Doucet

Click the link to watch an edited version of an interview presentation that was part of the Sleepwalk Guitar Festival held at The Great Hall in Toronto, Nov 4-6, 2011. Thanks to the folks at Six Shooter Records.

Make it CLUSTER FUNKY y’all

22. May 2012 • Category: ART • Comments: 0

Here’s the cover art I designed/illustrated for the Shuffle Demons new release. I’ve done a bunch of covers, T-shirts and art directed videos for the band, including their first vinyl release Streetniks – which came out 25 years ago!!!

We call it a sesh in the biz

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Recording at Jeremy Darby’s Canterbury Music with Karen Moffat, Rebekah Wolkstein, Drew Jurecka and Kevin Fox.  It was a real treat to have these folks play a cue I composed for the new feature doc from director Julian Pinder, Trouble In The Peace, produced by Paul Scherzer.

The Electron Scanner Microscopic Look At The Maple Leaf Forever

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I’m very True North Proud And Free to have created the music for Canadian Made, an entertaining 14 part series by Kevin McMahon and the talented folks at Primitive Features. Narrated by the awesomely talented Rick Miller, the series explores the greatest Canuck inventions  - some you are surely familiar with, and many that could be a surprise.

Starting Friday June 1st at 8pm on History Television.

Photo Realism TV

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“Man With Bandage” by Fred Herzog, Vancouver 68. The second season of SNAPSHOT: The Art Of Photography,  TVO Thurs May 17, 24 & 31 @9pm. The series was directed by Bob Barrett and I was honored to compose the music. Other subjects include Lincoln Clarkes, Lana Slezic, Michael Levin, Barbara Cole and Adam Makarenko.

French version broadcast on ARTV throughout the summer, and in British Columbia on Knowledge Network.