Strange Is This Life video

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Performed by Lori Cullen
Words written by Ron Sexsmith
Music written by Kurt Swinghammer
Animated and directed by Ken Lacroix


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30 years ago I jumped at a chance to join Vital Sines and rock as hard as possible with the most intense drummer in all the land – Glenn Milchem. I got my first taste of pro recording with the Michael Phillip Wojewoda produced Big Dark Dreams ep and enjoyed some great gigs. My only regret is the garish cover illustration I did for the record, but, you know, … it was the 80’s. The late James Gray played with the Sines as well, and Monday, September 19th we’re reuniting to celebrate James’ musical spirit. Rick Winkle, Terry Michaelson, Glenn and myself are doing 4 tunes at 11pm at Lula Lounge as part of an annual memorial. All procedes go to a worthy charity.


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Kurt in Leith - photo by Lori Cullen

With the upcoming release of Sexsmith Swinghammer Songs, I made the horrific discovery that I hadn’t updated this site since October 2013! To set the record straight I want to inform my family, loved ones, and fan that I am not dead. Irrelevant perhaps, and likely out of touch with what’s happening with today’s Youth Quakers, but I’m still alive and kicking. I’m sure you’re the one who is dying – as in dying to know what the heck I was doing all that time. WELL – Back in May 2013 Lori and I had baby Ray, and our lives have been enriched ever since with sleep deprivation, toddler poo and seemingly not a minute of spare time to do dumb stuff like web-site updates. I also got on the facebook and have used that as my vehicle for relentless narcissistic self-promotion. Please LIKE me at


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Lori Cullen fronts a full band to play the new album top to bottom at Hugh’s Room in Toronto, Sat, Oct 29. Please note shows are early – Two sets – starts at 8:30 sharp! Advance tickets recommended.

Suddenly Everything is Bowie

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Rebel RebelThe Music of David Bowie with Patricia O’Callaghan, John Southworth, Kurt Swinghammer, Alana Bridgewater, Colleen Allen, Russ Boswell, Davide Direnzo, and Steve Hunter. Global Cabaret Festival Friday Oct 25, @ 7pm and Sat Oct 26 @ 4:30 pm, Young Centre for the Performing Arts, Distillery District.
I’m fronting a few tunes plus playing guitar in the house band.

New theme for cute dog show

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Talent Hounds is currently seen on The Pet Network. What??? You didn’t know there was a Pet Network???!!! Well of course there is a Pet Network.

Canadian Content

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This piece was done after the My Stompin Grounds  book was released, and it was created specifically for a winter-themed show at Harbourfront Centre. It’s about 24″ x 36″ painted on the glass a very old window – so it was done “backwards”… the paint is actually behind the glass.

My Stompin Grounds No More

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This is the cover of the children’s book I illustrated for Doubleday back in the mid 90′s. 32 pages of full colour illustrations of 5 Tom Connors lyrics that took me 3 months solid. 20,000 copies were printed and it did well as far as I know. The weird thing was that Tom flat out refused to do ANY promotional stuff and turned down offers from pretty much everyone to appear on television or do print interviews.

Stompin Tom Tribute Night

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A couple shots by Kevin Lamb of last night’s tribute to The Stomper.

Top – with the most excellent host and future Front Page Challenge regular panelist, Dave Bidini.

Bottom – with the Most Valuable Player of the show, Paul Linklater

Carole King Tribute Cabaret

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A couple of shots by Saxe of the recent show at Hugh’s Room.

Top – left to right: Carvin Winans, me, Coco Love Alcorn, George Koller, and Kevin Fox.

Bottom – me and Paul Reddick.

Thanks to Michael Wrycraft for hosting.