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One Pill Makes You Smaller

28. September 2010 • Category: ART, NEWS • Comments: 0

Jamming along to Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit on an 8 foot tall guitarequin arted up for the Streets Alive - Guitars On Parade festival in Orillia, Ontario, as part of the 50th anniversary celebration of the Mariposa Folk Festival. Shout out to Ed Robertson from Barenaked Ladies for sponsoring me. The images on the axe are based on the WAV files of digital recordings of my voice saying “Mariposa” (on the front), and “Orillia” (on the back). The guitar was one of 50 by various artists that were installed along the main street of the town, and on display throughout the summer and fall of 2010.

Calligraphic Expressionism

28. September 2010 • Category: ART, NEWS • Comments: 0

Here’s the new CD cover art I illustrated for singer/songwriter/guitarslinger Tim Bovaconti, who is a long standing member of Ron Sexsmith’s band. He also moonlights on the road and in the studio with some old dude named Burton Cummings.